We are ESNBU - meet the team

The founders

We had played with the idea for some time and in 2015 we launched our first issue. From the start we decided it should become an exemplar journal as we want to play the big game.

Boris Naimushin
Editor in Chief

Associate Professor, PhD
Foreign Languages and Cultures Department,
New Bulgarian University.

Translator and interpreter for Presidents.
Boris has made friends with half the world population.

When I'm not teaching or interpreting, or performing my duties as Editor in Chief for ESNBU, I play the guitar. And sometimes it happens in my Translation classes, at conferences, or to entertain the President's guests informally. Read soon more about me.

Stan Bogdanov
Managing Editor

Chief Assistant Professor, PhD
Foreign Languages and Cultures Department
New Bulgarian University.

Stan is (almost) never in the spotlight, unless necessary.

I teach the would-be teachers how to teach. I'm the Managing Editor and Web Admin of ESNBU. There will be more about me, but later. Now I can just say that my newest passion outside work is beekeeping.


Currently, our editors come from the UK, the USA, France, Italy, Austria, Poland and Bulgaria. If you want to see some names, hop over to the Editorial Board page of ESNBU.

Board of Reviewers

The list is truly international and is too big to display here, but we publish the names of the reviewers in issue 2 of each volume. We are thankful and reward them through an online platform, Publons.com

If you want to be part of our great team, get in touch. We're always open to applications.