At ESNBU we reward our reviewers

Peer review is hard work, we know that.
And most of this hard work remains invisible. Not with us at ESNBU!

/English Studies at NBU has partnered with Publons, the world’s leading peer review platform, to officially recognise your peer review contributions.

View our ESNBU journal profile here.

When you review for English Studies at NBU you are invited to track, verify and get recognition for that review on Publons. You can then use your verified peer review record as evidence of your contributions to the scientific community in promotion and funding applications. See the profiles of the Managing Editor and three of our reviewers, Tadd Graham Fernee, Elena Tarasheva and Andrey Andreev.

Publons also gives you access to a range of tools and data so you can see how your review efforts compare with others.

Ten of our reviewers have already joined and have received credit for their dedication and committment. Visit Publons for more information and sign up for FREE.

Start building reputation as an expert in your field! Get credit for your contributions (without breaking reviewer anonymity) in a format you can include in promotion and funding applications.