New DOI Display Guidelines

We are changing over to the new DOI display recommendations


Effective March 2017, Crossref has updated their DOI display guidelines, in part to ensure security (with https). For more details, see ☍

The new recommended format looks like this:

And here’s how that looks in an APA Style reference:

Troeva, B. (2015). Helping learners with dyslexia read in English. English Studies at NBU, 1(1), 63–71. ☍

We recommend that you use the new format consistently throughout a reference list.

We will begin using the new format in ESNBU from Vol.4, issue 2 forward. But, to clarify, in already published papers, all of the following are currently considered correct APA Style: ☍ ☍
doi:10.33919/esnbu.15.1.5 - i.e. no active link

On the web pages of articles which display the references, we will be retrospectively changing over to the new DOI display in compliance with the Crossref recommendations.

Crossref. (2017). Crossref DOI Display. Retrieved from ☍

Update: See how we construct our DOIs