Open Data Policy Update

English Studies at NBU is updating several policies and procedures as we continue to strive for more transparency, compliance with industry standards and better editorial practices which focus both on quality and global reach. Stay tuned!


ESNBU is Open Access and some articles feature research data which we would like to see open to the readers.

ESNBU encourages authors to provide their research data as Open Data for their published articles.

Data that is integral to the paper must be made available in such a way as to enable readers to replicate, verify and build upon the conclusions published in the paper. Any restriction on the availability of this data must be disclosed at the time of submission. We recommend that data for which public repositories are widely used, and are accessible to all, should be deposited in such a repository prior to publication. The appropriate linking details and identifier(s) should then be included in the publication and, where possible, in the repository, to facilitate linking between the journal article and the data. If such a repository does not exist, data should be included as supporting information to the published paper or authors should agree to make their data available upon reasonable request.

License: Author selected but we recommend the following:

(For other compatible and incompatible licenses, see ☍)

Visualization in the published articles

As of 2019 the following statement and a badge will be present on the article landing page to signal that the data for the said article is open. It will also be linked to from the References section of the publication.

/ Badge earned for open practices
Open Data
Raw data for this article are available at {repository name and DOI}. Also in the References.

What is open data, how to open data, and why do so - read more in our Knowledge base.