We are a CrossRef member

And ESNBU articles have DOIs.

ESNBU is the spearhead of change.
It's our achievement in other ways too - through us and thanks to us, now all NBU periodicals will be able to assign and deposit DOIs and metadata.


We register DOIs with CrossRef and deposit metadata for all ESNBU published articles. We started with Volume 4 and are going back to retrospectively assign DOIs to every published article. You can see how it displays on the landing page of the latest issues.

How to recognise an ESNBU article by the DOI construction pattern, prefix/suffix.
The prefix identifies the publisher, our custom suffix is journal.year.issue.number.
For example, Slavina Lozanova's article "Issues in Bulgarian Sign Language Interpreting" has been assigned the DOI 10.33919/esnbu.18.2.4 which is interpreted as follows:

10.33919/ - the prefix, identifies NBU as publisher
esnbu.18.2.4 - the suffix, is broken down to:
esnbu - the journal
18 - year of publication
2 - issue number
4 - manuscript number in the issue
all separated by dots in order to save space when displayed.

Mentioning the DOI display, the CrossRef recommendation, as we wrote in an earlier post, is the full URL as an active, live link. So the above article's DOI is displayed as:

https://doi.org/10.33919/esnbu.18.2.4 ☍

which will take you to the landing page of the article where the PDF can be dowloaded.

If the article needs to register a graph or a figure separately, the DOI easily becomes extendable by appending 'f1' or something similar as identifier.

Be patient while we are updating the metadata in all databases which index ESNBU.

We keep growing and developing. There will soon be more enhancements that come because of the DOI content and metadata registration. Watch this space!