Discover DOIs with Crossref's simpleTextQuery

You have compiled your Reference list but you wonder how to find the DOIs for these entries as the publisher requires.

Here's one one way: check with Crossref! They have provided a free public query service - the simpleTextQuery. As simple as Copy-Pasting your reference list. (Look at the brief instructions below the input box.)



Hit the "Submit" button ...

And you get the DOIs, if such are registered, and you can safely put these DOIs in your Reference list. That is, if the publisher has registered a DOI - for an article or the whole journal, for a book chapter or a whole book, or other digital output.



Why isn't a DOI always available?

There are several reasons. First, because not all publishers register DOIs, for lack of funds or because they're unaware of the benefits of the DOI. Another reason is that publishers sometimes register DOIs post-publication since registration of DOIs retrospectively is cheaper. On other occasions, publishers register DOI numbers for subsequent editions of a publication, or for very old publications - imagine something published 20 years ago when DOIs weren't invented: suddenly it's got a DOI number asssigned! Or the Internet wasn't around. Or the concept of a digital publication was untinkable or not possible. Or the publisher uses a housestyle formatting which doesn't include DOIs...

Whatever the reason, some DOIs appear later that the publications they are assigned to, while other publications may never get a DOI.

ESNBU uses APA Style and DOIs, where available, are mandatory, so we recommend you check for DOIs with the simpleTextQuery just before you submit your manuscript.

We wrote earlier how to display the DOI in the reference list as an active link according to Crossref's (and APA) recommendations and how we construct the DOIs for the articles published in ESNBU.