ESNBU is launching an Internal Audit System

Do our practices conform to our guiding principles and the promises we have set for ourselves?


The Internal Audit System aims to evaluate the work of the journal in applying its policies and procedures. The overall evaluation comprises a quality analysis of the current state-of-affairs of the journal. This relates to evaluating performance quality in editorial duties, while providing recommendations for quality improvement in the editorial work.

… internal reform of what is now being done hectically…
We can be neither Oxford, nor Harvard. But we can do a lot.
… We set internal standards and we follow them strictly.
Professor Bogdan Bogdanov,
Founder of New Bulgarian University

The specific aim of the audit is to identify strengths and weaknesses, which consequently will be used to devise an action plan for improvement.

Read our Internal Audit System Procedure and the Call for Nominations for an Auditor

Auditor 2021:
Prof. Abdelmajid Bouziane ORCiD: ☍
Faculty of Letters and Humanities Ben M’Sik, University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco