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Wiki markup
One * before a line puts bullets in front of it
Links: [Link_type], [http://externallink.com|click] or [http://externallink.com|image.gif] or an URL. For more read Sandbox
One or more ! make it a headline
** to embolden**
__ to underline__
`` to italicize ``
::places a box around text::
 Space at the beginning of a line makes it preformatted
For tables for every row use ||||column1||column2||||
For coloring use ##color## written text ## . 
Highlighted background e.g. ==#fff385==text in a span==	

For colors use names or HEX codes -

DublinCore tagging
[title=Title of Article]
!!!<span property="dc:title">The Title of the Article</span>

[Article|Book review]


DOI: <span property="dc:identifier" content="doi:10.33919/esnbu.YY.v.n">https://doi.org/10.33919/esnbu.YY.v.n]</span>

[WOS= accession number]

[author=Firstname Lastname]
<span property="dc:creator">Author</span>

<span property="dcterms:identifier" content="https://orcid.org/0000-XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ">0000-XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ</span>

<span property="dcterms:identifier" content="https://ror.org/a1b2c3" title="ROR (institutional) ID: https://ror.org/a1b2c3> </span>

<span property="dcterms:abstract">................</span>

[keyword=.....   ....]
<span property="dc:subject">keyword</span>

[Submitted|YYYY-mm-dd|dd Month YYYY]
Reviewed: dd Month YYYY
[Accepted|YYYY-mm-dd|dd Month YYYY]
[created|YYYY-mm-dd|dd Month YYYY] for Published:

[citation=Bibliographic citation with the doi as [URL]...]
<span property="dcterms:bibliographicCitation">Family, N. (2222). Title of Article. ``English Studies at NBU, V``(i), p-p. [https://doi.org/10.33919/esnbu.YY.v.n]]</span>

[copyright= author names]
<span property="dcterms:rightsHolder">Author Name</span>



--- Other ---
[opendata=yes]**Open Data** - Badge earned for open practices