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Vol.8, Issue 2, 2022, pp. 183-202 Full text

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1 Marina Vozna
2 Liudmyla Slavova

1,2 Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine 02aaqv166

CRediT authorship contribution statement
Conceptualization, Writing - original draft, Validation, Formal Analysis: M.V. (lead);
Supervision, Project Administration, Writing - review and editing, Methodology: L.S. (lead),
Visualization, Data Curation, Investigation: M.V, L.S. (equal)

The article presents a study that focuses on approaches to rendering Ukrainian historical terminology related to the Old Rus' period into English selected en masse from Ukrainian and English academic texts on history, with a special focus on culture-specific terminology. Historical terms for translation purposes are categorised into non-culture-specific historical terminology reflecting universal concepts of historical science, and culture-specific historical terminology. The purpose of the article is to determine specific methods for Ukrainian-English translation of historical terminology of the Old Rus' period. The paper discusses approaches and methods used by English-speaking academics to secondary term formation, taking place when rendering concepts denoting Ukrainian original culture-specific terminology into English. Different groups of historical terms are described with a special focus on onomastic terminology. It is demonstrated that the historical context should be taken into account for the correct designation of a historical concept. Non-culture-specific historical terminology is predominantly rendered by existing equivalents, which were formed through phonological adaptation and/or calque translation. The most appropriate technique for rendering culture-specific Ukrainian historical terminology is shown to be combined renomination, the method that uses both a transcription and a description of a historical concept.

Keywords: historical terminology, translation techniques, culture-specific historical terms, secondary term formation, historical concept, onomastic terminology

Article history:
Submitted: 16 May 2022;
Reviewed: 30 October 2022;
Accepted: 05 November 2022;
Published: 20 December 2022

Citation (APA):
Vozna, M. & Slavova, L. (2022). Rendering Ukrainian Historical Terminology of the Old Rus' Period into English. English Studies at NBU, 8(2), 183-202.

Copyright © 2022 Marina Vozna and Liudmyla Slavova

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