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Vol.8, Issue 2, 2022, pp. 257-269 Full text

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Zhivko Minkov

New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

The article looks at the contemporary socio-economic model in Bulgaria arguing that it does not correspond to the broad European tradition of being sensitive to the presence of significant social imbalances in the society. The author insists that this is one of the primary factors for the controversial economic outcomes and the existence of deepening social problems in the country. The argumentation goes through evaluation of the formation process of the new socio-economic model in Bulgaria after 1989 and the assessment of the economic and social outcomes for the period until 2022. On this basis it is concluded that maintaining the current policy in the medium-term will inevitably undermine not only the economic prospects, but also the quality and stability of Bulgarian democracy.

Keywords: inequalities, poverty, Bulgaria, social policy, social justice, European tradition

Article history:
Submitted: 08 September 2022;
Reviewed: 10 October 2022;
Accepted: 26 November 2022;
Published: 20 December 2022

Citation (APA):
Minkov, Zh. (2022). The Non-European Nature of the Bulgarian Socio-Economic Model. English Studies at NBU, 8(2), 257-269.

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