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Volume 1, Issue 2 - December, 2015 - Contents

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About the journal, p.2

Reviewers for 2015, Volume 1, p.3

Call for submissions, p.4

An alternative proposal for eliciting key words, pp.5-26
Elena Tarasheva
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Teachers' perception of the differences in the reading profiles of students with dyslexia and the role of dyslexia assessment for an appropriate choice of teaching strategy, pp.27-40
Blagovesta Troeva
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Bulgarian Revival culture - an axiological perspective in the texts of Januarius MacGahan and Stanislas St. Claire, pp.41-54
Zhivko Hristov
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Systems and accidents in 20th century magical realist literature: Salman Rushdie's "Midnight's Children" and Sadegh Hedayat's "The blind owl" as critiques of modern nation-making experiments, pp.55-70
Tadd Graham Fernée
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Is there an illocutionary act of assertion?, pp.71-84
Mariya Chankova
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Some factors which may affect the attainment of implicit and explicit knowledge in learning English as a second or foreign language, pp.85-100
Mariana Gotseva
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Bulgarian polemics on American Generativism 1950s-1970s: a peek through the Iron curtain, pp.101-114
Tsvetomira Venkova
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Where Google fails, pp.115-132
Maria Stambolieva
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