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Volume 10, Issue 1 - June, 2024 - Contents

Contents, p. 1

About the journal, p. 2

Editor's Message, pp.3-4
Stanislav Bogdanov

Academic Integrity Policies in HEIs Across Cultures, pp. 5-20
Diana Yankova
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Innovation Approaches to Inclusive Education in Europe – The Impact of Second Chance Schools, pp. 21-42
Elena Blagoeva
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Four Innovative Teaching Methods. Is There a Place for Post-Pedagogy?, pp. 43-58
Hristo Chukurliev
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Academic ESP Courses in a Hybrid Mode: Attitudes and Perceptions , pp. 59-72
Albena Stefanova
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English Medium Instruction in Higher Education: Global Trends, Challenges, and the Call for Multilingual Approaches, pp. 73-94
Talip Gülle
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Strategies for Teaching Written Language to Students with Attention Deficits, pp. 95-106
Olha Fert and Halyna Pyatakova
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The Impact of Authentic Listening-Viewing Materials on ESL University Students' Listening Comprehension Skills, pp. 107-132
Daria Pylypyshyna and Albina Palamarchuk
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Language Brokering in Healthcare in Spain: Insight Based on Testimonies, pp. 133-156
Almudena Nevado Llopis, Ana Isabel Foulquié Rubio, Alina Pelea
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Henry Holdship Ware: a U.S. Military Interpreter, a Soviet Spy, and an Economist, pp. 157-174
Boris Naimushin
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Narcissist Traits and Transfiguration of Domestic Territory in Anne Tyler's "Saint Maybe", pp. 175-190
Kulamangalam Thiagarajan Tamilmani and Sankaranpillai Aruljothi Thillainayaki
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Native American History as Counter-Discourse in James Welch's Narratives: The Examples of "Fools Crow" and "Killing Custer", pp. 191-205
Issa Omotosho Garuba
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Book Review Section

The Nobel Prize and the Formation of Contemporary World Literature – Book Review, pp. 207-211
Antony Hoyte-West
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