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Volume 6, Issue 1 - June, 2020 - Contents

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Stanislav Bogdanov

Editor's Note: Garuba, I. O. (2019). The Ageing Poet and Death Anxiety: Art as Existential Therapy in John Pepper Clark’s "Of Sleep and Old Age". English Studies at NBU, 5(2), 268-283. DOI: 10.33919/esnbu.19.2.5, p.4
Stanislav Bogdanov

The Motivation of University Students of International Relations to Learn English, pp. 5-28
Zarina Markova and Dessislava Yaneva
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English Mnemonic Lexicon: Constituent Structure and Verbalization Potential, pp. 29-68
Irina Tivyaeva and Olga Syomina
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Creating the Authorial Self in Academic Texts: Evidence From the Expert’s Style of Writing, pp. 69-94
Tatiana Szczygłowska
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Framing the Identity of an Ideal Primary School Teacher of English, pp. 95-110
Oleksandr Kapranov
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A Lost Lady: A Narrative of "Manifest Destiny" and Neocolonialism, pp. 111-126
Ammar Aqeeli
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The Politics and Aesthetics of Storytelling in Diana Abu-Jaber’s Crescent: A Strategic Implementation of an Old Folkloric Arab Tradition, pp. 127-144
Ishak Berrebbah
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Traumas of Roots and Extinction in the 20th Century Literature of Empire: The Mirror Principle in Marguerite Duras’ India Cycle (1964-71) and Ahmed Ali’s Twilight in Delhi (1940), pp. 145-172
Tadd Graham Fernée
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The 23rd Language: Official EU Status for Irish as Portrayed in the Republic of Ireland's English-Language Press, pp. 173-183
Antony Hoyte-West
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