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Volume 8, Issue 2 - December, 2022 - Contents

Contents, p.165

Editors' Message, p. 166
Boris Naimushin and Stanislav Bogdanov

Semantic Interpretations of Proper Names in Literary Translation: Terry Pratchett's "Wyrd Sisters" in Bulgarian, pp. 167-182
Yana Manova-Georgieva
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Rendering Ukrainian Historical Terminology of the Old Rus' Period into English, pp. 183-202
Marina Vozna and Liudmyla Slavova
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Teaching English to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Challenges and Teaching Strategies, pp. 203-214
Mohammed Ghedeir Brahim
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Inclusive Communicative Strategies in an ESP Classroom: A Case Study at a Ukrainian University, pp. 215-232
Yuliana Lavrysh, Iryna Simkova and Kateryna Tuliakova
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An Assessment of Undergraduate Students' Attitudes Towards Learning English Based on Academic Major, Class Level, and Gender Variables , pp. 233-256
Muneera Muftah
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The Non-European Nature of the Bulgarian Socio-Economic Model, pp. 257-269
Zhivko Minkov
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Doctoral Section

Views of Novice Pre-Service Teachers Towards the Use of L1 in the EFL Classroom, pp. 271-288
Kenan Çetin and Nurdan Özbek-Gürbüz
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Analysis of EFL students' Errors in Writing at the Higher Teachers' Training College of N'Djamena, pp. 289-300
Voudina Ngarsou
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Ecocritical Hues in Christy Lefteri's "Songbirds": The Dissolution of the Human/Nonhuman Distinction, pp. 301-313
Costanza Mondo
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Book Review Section

English Language Teaching: Policy and Practice Across the European Union – Book review, pp. 315-319
Antony Hoyte-West
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