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Volume 9, Issue 1 - June, 2023 - Contents

Contents, p. 1

About the journal, p. 2

Editor's Message, pp.3-4
Stanislav Bogdanov

Visual Metaphor in Early Second Language Education, pp. 5-20
Milena Levunlieva
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Needs Analysis in ESP as a Motivator and Means to Optimise Academic ESP Courses, pp. 21-38
Albena Stefanova and Denitsa Bozeva
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Incompatible Versions of Digital Humanity in Mike Lancaster's "0.4" and "1.4", pp. 39-58
Emine Şentürk
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From/Towards a Multiple Sign System: Autism Novelized and Retold in Interlingual and Intersemiotic Contexts, pp. 59-80
Burcu Nur Bayram and Didem Tuna
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A Transitivity Analysis of Prefaces Written for Modernist Novel (Re)Translations: Understanding Paratexts as a Tool of Recontextualization, pp. 81-106
Neslihan Kansu-Yetkiner, Ilgın Aktener, Nazlıgül Bozok, Pınar Danış, Aslı Melike Soylu, Aysu Uslu Korkmaz
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Disciplinary Variations in Framing Research Articles in the Social Sciences and Humanities, pp. 107-126
Fatma Yuvayapan and Ilyas Yakut
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Translator's Voice in Harmony with the Poet's Voice Traced via Paratexts, pp. 127-143
Fatma Bilge Atay
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