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You will recive a verifiable, collectible, online badge through our Badge Reward System for most of the support pledges. You can display these on the web, for example on your Linkedin profile, your personal web site, or institutional profile page.


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identifier or URL

We put your name as a supporter in the credits of the journal (both print and online) on the first page before the Contents page plus an active link to your ORCiD ID or another academic profile of your choice.
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Fan Mail
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We’ll send you personalized and autographed snail mail (regular post) letter or postcard (for a chosen celebration like birthday, Easter, Christmas, or without a special occasion).
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€20 per badge

If you're unsure which of the pledges to support, you can just purchase a badge in order to have a badge, so you just support us for whatever reason you have in mind.

Behind the Scenes

Know more about what we do and how we do it round the journal, i.e. take a glimpse at our daily life when making the journal

Q&A session
€2 per participant per session

Take part together with other supporters and fans and discuss aspects of improvement, statistics, visitors, citations, plagiarism, etc.
Sessions will be held when 5+ participants have enrolled.

Increased access to the Editors

Only you and the editor in private, for a total of 12 sessions a year.

1-on-1 monthly Skype hangouts
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Choose Editor's name
Your Skype id
Every month for 1 hour spend one-on-one-time chatting with one of the editors (Boris or Stan) about whatever you like.

Included are two sessions on journal making topics (if you opt for them) when we’re preparing each new issue for production. This is a great chance to keep up with the number of current submissions, rejections, reasons for rejection, plagiarism and duplicate submissions or other issues, and how we deal with them.

Give us a clue about the topic that you'd like to discuss.


We can do visits or tours for you

Travel and subsistence costs + a small fee
We can visit your institution to share our publishing expertise and experience and to give workshops, trainings and masterclasses.
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ESNBU branded T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and other merch.